Capturing The Spirit of Hofstra University

Hofstra University, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and nurturing future leaders, approached our creative agency with a unique challenge: to create large format prints that capture the essence and diversity of the university's students. We embarked on an exciting journey to transform various locations on campus with visually striking prints that would inspire and engage both students and visitors alike.

Working closely with the university & installation team NCG Visuals, we designed and produced large format banners that graced prominent locations like the Bill of Rights Hall, Constitution Hall, and Residence Hall. These banners acted as vibrant visual representations of the students, showcasing their diversity, energy, and enthusiasm for learning. The prints not only added color and life to the campus but also fostered a sense of pride among the students.



Pride and Purpose

At the heart of the university's commitment to healthcare and humanity, we created a captivating wall graphic representing Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Accompanied by his timeless quote, "Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity," this large format print became a focal point, inspiring students pursuing careers in the medical field. It served as a constant reminder of the importance of empathy and compassion in the pursuit of healing.

To create an inviting and scholarly atmosphere in the admission building, we designed dynamic wall art representing four distinct academic areas. Each large format print showcased iconic symbols, quotes, and imagery that reflected the respective disciplines. These visually striking prints conveyed a sense of passion and academic excellence, leaving a lasting impression on prospective students and their families.


Vibrant and Inspiring Spaces

To breathe life into the university's stairwells and highlight the achievements of past Hofstra students, we crafted large format wall graphics that celebrated inspiring figures in history. From Martin Luther King Jr. to Bell Hooks, these prints not only added aesthetic appeal to the otherwise mundane stairwells but also showcased the university's commitment to social justice, diversity, and empowerment. These vibrant graphics served as daily reminders of the profound impact that Hofstra graduates have made on the world.

Through our collaboration with Hofstra University, we successfully transformed various locations on campus into vibrant and inspiring spaces with the help of large format prints. These prints celebrated the spirit of the university's students, honored its rich history, and fostered a sense of community and pride. By combining creativity, design expertise, and an understanding of the university's values, we were able to create visually stunning prints that truly represented the heart and soul of Hofstra University.