Eat More Plants, The Easy Way


In an exciting collaboration, our creative agency partnered with Kencko to produce a compelling video showcasing their revolutionary freeze-dried smoothie product. Tasked with explaining the unique process of their smoothies, we meticulously designed a video that would captivate and educate customers at the B8ta retail store in Hudson Yards, NYC. Filmed in our production studio in Brooklyn, NY, equipped with a versatile cyclorama wall, we ensured a seamless and visually appealing presentation of the Kencko smoothie experience.

The video starts by demonstrating the simplicity of preparing a Kencko smoothie. We meticulously captured the process of pouring water into their specially designed cup, followed by adding the smoothie mix. The combination of visuals and storytelling highlighted the convenience and ease of using Kencko's product, appealing to health-conscious consumers on the go. By showcasing the shaking of the bottle and fading into the the delightful sip taken afterward, we emphasized the delightful taste and the nourishing benefits of the freeze-dried smoothies.



Your Daily Dose Of Plant Power, Delivered

Kencko's dedication to sustainability and health-conscious choices played a significant role in shaping the video's narrative. We ensured that the video highlighted Kencko's commitment to using organic, carbon-neutral shipping, and compostable packaging, setting the brand apart as an environmentally responsible choice for health enthusiasts. Additionally, the freeze-drying technology's role in reducing food waste and greenhouse gas emissions further underlined the brand's positive impact on the planet. The resulting video displayed at B8ta in Hudson Yards not only informed but also inspired customers to make healthier choices while contributing to a more sustainable future.