The Operating System For Resident Experience

Venn City

We collaborated closely with our client, Venn, the operating system for resident experience, to produce three captivating videos that epitomized their mission of fostering vibrant and connected neighborhoods. Each video beautifully encapsulated the essence of Venn's unique offerings, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, community building, and creating spaces where residents thrive.

The first video showcased Slightly Slanted Studios, an innovative initiative that partnered with Venn to set up a pop-up shop at General Irving market in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Through the Venn app, Slightly Slanted Studios hosted an inspiring organic community dye event, teaching residents how to breathe new life into their old clothing by repurposing florist and food waste. This collaboration perfectly aligned with Venn's ethos of connecting local neighborhoods, thereby creating an enriching experience that left a lasting impact on the community.

The second video put the spotlight on the core technology behind the Venn platform — the Life at Venn App. Designed to seamlessly connect tenants with real-world opportunities, local businesses, and community engagement initiatives, the app served as the neighborhood's go-to operating system. Residents could easily interact with their property management, pay rent, and submit maintenance requests, all while fostering meaningful connections within their neighborhood. The Venn app emerged as an indispensable tool, redefining the way residents experience and interact with their living spaces.

Lastly, the third video introduced Venn Cowork, an inviting space located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, managed by the friendly and vibrant Community Manager, Jess. Venn Cowork welcomed neighbors to work together, offering a fully equipped workspace with WiFi, a cozy backyard, and the flexibility to host gatherings, film screenings, and photo shoots. The space became a hub for creativity, personal projects, and passionate pursuits, where neighbors came together to share ideas, build connections, and embrace new opportunities.



Connecting Communities and Transforming Spaces

Throughout the video campaigns, we skillfully brought to life Venn's commitment to creating transformative experiences that bridge the gap between communities, nurture sustainable practices, and enrich the lives of residents. The videos garnered widespread acclaim, resonating deeply with audiences and solidifying Venn's position as the neighborhood company that redefines the way people live, work, and thrive together.